The purpose of this classroom exercise is to develop the learner’s ability in drawing and painting foreshortening. This is also a way to develop perspective skills. A lot is happening in a small space on the paper i.e. foreshortened.

It would be possible to begin this drawing using basic shapes, so the proportion of the arm, head and outstretched arm are more easily understood than trying to draw an outstretched arm, a face and head first. I did use basic shapes, a triangle for the arm, a triangle for the face, a rectangle for the pate and an oblong for the body. I used a ruler to draw in the lines of the table.

For the snooker balls, if you have an appropriate sized template use it. I drew them freehand: as you can see! I enjoyed most of all drawing in the white gloved hand of the referee, adding to the atmosphere of a snooker competition.

I mixed a chromatic black for the black suit. I mixed a variety of browns to dark brown for the head of hair, I painted the face and head with a flesh tint, let that dry 100% and then added the hair using a fine pointed brush and upward brush strokes.

I used two blues for the waistcoat: cobalt and ultramarine, my chromatic black for the shirt sleeve, and used the chromatic for the pupils of the eyes.

It took some time to paint the snooker balls, and the painting of the green baize was fun to paint, just take your time when you paint that part of the composition.

I painted in a weak wash of colour on the background and use a large headed brush to dob in some round shapes for a distant crowd.