What a happy chap this little dog is, jumping over some netting, with his ears flapping about in the breeze.

I used a variety of browns and purples to make the various brown colours on the coat. Burnt sienna, perylene maroon, perylene violet, burnt umber and Indian red. I mixed up a palette of various mixes of all those colours, some of the mixes were more washy than others, as I needed to work from light to dark to achieve the depth of colour for the coat.

I started by painting in the eyes, using a lemon yellow and one of my medium brown mixes for the eye, ensuring I left a small white area for the light in the eye.

I then worked on the coat, using first a flat round headed brush to paint in a wash, and then used a variety of my colours, from light to dark to capture the movement, colour and fibre of the coat. I worked from the left ear across the face and then the right ear. This took some time and is great fun to paint.

I used a weak wash of rose madder for the nose and the mouth and added two more layers of more intense colour, so the two teeth shapes stood out.

I painted in the net freehand, using three different greens I had mixed.

For the background I painted this wet on wet using a variety of blue, pink (weak rose madder) and yellow.

Painting a happy little dog like this is a great way to enjoy a painting experience.