I included this in my watercolour classes following a request for practice on perspective.

When thinking about perspective, do not think too much. It will consume what should be an enjoyable painting experience. The points to remember: the horizon line, be aware acute angles, do not “straighten up” lines, (which in my experience, some learners tend to do), parallel lines as well as one point, two point and three point converging lines. If you start going in to the minute details of perspective you will have a very able technical drawing, but one that may not display your creative ability.

I drew the figures first, as I see these as a very good measure for measuring the rest of the composition. I then drew in the parallel lines of the steps, using a ruler, and ensuring they were all at the same angle. I then drew in the shapes of the buildings, the canopy in the foreground, the shop fronts, balconies and windows. I did not go into great detail, otherwise this painting would become a massive task to complete. This is far better approached thinking impression and your brushstrokes are paramount, in creating a busy scene.

I painted in the figures first and then painted the set of steps, they took a while. I used chromatic black and Payne’s grey and zinc white gouache for the edging. I used a lot of pointillism and side of brush strokes for the distant crowded market place. Keep your palette varied and you will achieve a busy scene.