We visited the park again today and found a very shady spot, overlooking the lake, trees, people and looking towards the houses opposite. We worked in various mediums: graphite pencil, watercolour pencils, watercolour paint and worked in soluble pens. 

We completed some pencil measuring so we had correct scaling of the distant houses and trees.  

This did take some time as there was a lot of detail to include, not like our study of individual trees. The pathway into the landscape: a pathway is a good way to lead the viewer into a painting and a meandering pathway adds a further interest to the foreground of artwork. The sunlight did change quite a lot but it is always best to be guided by the light that you see in the first place, a key ingredient of any landscape artwork is showing where the light source comes from.

A very enjoyable afternoon, the perfect way for any artist to employ their skills.