The Approach – be prepared to Paint Loose. Let The Watercolour Paint do what it is best at – run and move. Do not think in terms of a Tight Painting, one executed in the minutiae of detail – rain distorts shapes and blurs colour, this painting is a perfect exercise to Start Painting Loose! Do not use any measuring aids like a ruler, forget that when you paint loose! I turned on a few lights in the buildings which I felt gave the street scene more atmosphere.

Soluble pens make a perfect partner for watercolours when painting rain. They run and create interesting tones and shapes of ink. When the pavement is damp in your painting, take your soluble pen and mark in the paving slabs etc. Let the ink run! This should be great fun to do! Do not forget those all important street lamps, this photograph was taken from a worm’s eye view so the street lamp nearest to us looks tall. This gives great perspective to your painting. Add as many people walking along as you can, the more the merrier, they create a sense of movement and busyness which we expect to see in street scenes.