For this drawing you will need your set of pencils, from H to your high B numbers. I used a ruler for the gate but all the other elements of this drawing, I would suggest you draw freehand. The purpose of this exercise, in the classroom on Friday, was to reinforce learning of the principles and elements of design. It touches all the bases involved: elements of design: line, shape, form, texture, value and colour; principles of design: balance, dominance, repetition, harmony, contrast, space and rhythm.  

The composition is really a perfect example of design, the open gate urging us into the scene, the path to the back of the composition, the sheep feeding in a good position for one of the focal points, and the repetition of shapes on the wall, the ground, the hills and the trees. 

As with any drawing, start with a line drawing. The horizon line is on a diagonal, and the one point perspective to the right side of the composition gives a pleasing end to the composition on that side.  

I used a range of pencils: H, HB (for the line drawing), I used a metal ruler for the gate posts, which was my starting point as the dominant line of the foreground post is the key to getting the foreshortening and perspective accurate in this drawing.  

Once I was satisfied that my line drawing was finished, I started using my B pencils, from B to B6. The repetition of shapes within this exercise gives you plenty of opportunity to experiment but also use all the pencil strokes that you have within your skills. 

This took three hours to complete, a perfectly enjoyable drawing experience.