I made a line drawing of the figures first, to gauge the proportions of the buildings, coach, buses and lamp posts. When painting a crowd scene of people walking, a rule to remember is the the heads are all at about the same level. Therefore, even figures in the distance or across the road are all the same height as those in the foreground. If you make them shorter they are out of perspective and proportion.

I started by painting in the figures and their clothing first, reds, blues, purples. I used indigo blue throughout this painting.

I then painted the coach, keeping parts of it the colour of the paper, and then worked on the buildings using indigo blue as a wash base, a gold gouache,  bright green, and Winsor red. Winsor red is the perfect colour for the colour of buses. I painted in the 453 but using Winsor red and indigo blue.

When all the elements were painted I worked on the snow. I used indigo blue for the footprints and I used a Tatanium white acrylic for the parts of the snow I added, I also used the colour of the paper for some parts of the snow. Tatanium white has a much more opaque quality than other whites so is ideal for painting thick snow.

Last of all I added all the snowflakes, which I applied with a few different size brushes and also a toothpick for the really small snowflakes.