There is always the challenge in fashion art on how to make a material look soft, heavy, light, etc. With the model in the coat I used my tonal skills to make sure this looked like a coat you would like to wear in winter.

I draw a very detailed drawing of the faces, the folds in the material on both models and their hats and shoes.

For this size of face, use pens to draw in the eyes and eye colour and lips: using a brush and painting them in is rather impractical.

I first painted the model in the coat, working from the hat downwards. I used light red, mixed in varying proportions with burnt sienna and burnt umber. For the hat I used the light red. I worked in glazes, painting five glazes, to achieve depth of palette and of course the give the impression this is a nice snug heavy coat. I used a flesh tint from a tube but for the stockings added a small proportion of my light red.For the socking seams I used a pen.

For the model in the suit, I used the light red for the hat, my flesh tint for her face, my pens for lips and eyes. I mixed a yellow, using ochre and a small portion of my light red. Again, I worked in glazes to give the material weight.