Madame Agnes was a famous milliner who designed hats. The hat above is a 1937 creation of her own. The ingeniousness and uniqueness of this hat is that it is one piece of material that could be rolled up, or packed flat in a suitcase. In my research I found a photograph of a sketch of the hat that was black and white which I worked from in the Fashion Class on Monday afternoon. 

I had purchased some new paints, a Cobalt Light Turqoise and a Magenta, which I wanted to experiment mixing with so throughout this painting, all the colours have some degree of one of these two colours in them (flesh tint and chromatic black around eyes included). 

It took around three quarters of an hour to draw the line drawing and then I mixed up varying degrees of turquoise mixed with magenta. I used pure turquoise wash as the basis of the colour of the hat and jacket. I initially used pure magenta for the cravat, and then mixed that with some percentages of the turquoise for the darker areas of shadow and fold in the cravat.  

I built up layers of colour from light wash to opaque colour. For the flesh tint I mixed a standard colour (white, cadmium red and cadmium yellow) but then added some magenta for the shadow cast by the brim of the hat. I used pure magenta for the colour of the lipstick and mixed a dark purple for the trim of the hat and used a weaker mix for the trim of the lapels. 

I used pen for the eyes, turquoise blue and mixed a chromatic black and added some magenta to that for the colour of the lashes and the colour around the eyes. I used magenta mixed with some chromatic colour for the hair.  

This took around three hours to complete: two in the classroom and one later on when the class had finished.