The perspectives in this painting make for a pleasing composition.

The shadows cast by the building on itself give great 3D effects. I used a mix of viridian green and red to make a wonderful series of purples, from a light red to an almost black colour which I used for the inside of the archway. The shadows in this painting were key.

I changed the sky from the one in the photograph we worked from as it was flat, it needed more optical illusion of movement and depth. I worked wet on wet and laid two washes of primary blue, obviously the second wash was stronger than the first otherwise a cauliflower moment would have occurred. I then lifted out colour to give the shapes of the moving clouds.

The clock face is always a great challenge for drawing and painting ellipses. I used multi media to complete this particular piece. I started with a pencil drawing and then strengthened the tone of the lines with permanent pen. I then started building up layers of colour using watercolour paint and a variety of wash strengths.

I used acrylic to highlight tone on the clock face. Remember to underpaint pathways with a flesh tint, it is perfect for most stone colours and you can then add browns or yellows to a skin tone to make other stone colours.

The windows take some time and so they should. A window should tell a lot about the building it is part of. These are old windows with lots of shadows inside some quite dark rooms. I used pen and washes of my mixed purples to achieve the impression of depth. Finish your painting with the bold shadow in the foreground of the tree to the extreme right of the painting.