I drew the building first ensuring I had the angles at the correct tilt with the aid of a ruler. As we are looking up the building perspective main lines are diagonal, if you straighten them up we  would be standing at a different level, much farther up. I then drew in the line for the hedge, the lines for the water feature and some shapes of the cosmos flowers in the foreground.

I painted the building first, using flesh tint and indigo blue, mixed together in varying degrees. This took about one hour. I then painted in the dark cast shadows.

I used a cerulean blue wash to paint the sky, using a circular brushstroke, but resting the brush on the paper where darker tone was required.

I then started painting in the flowers. I used a variety of colours: three different greens I had mixed from various yellows, blues, browns and purples, violet, purple lake, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, pink, and perylene maroon. I painted in some definite shapes but also some “blobs” in appropriate places to make the viewer interpret all those shapes and blobs as cosmos flowers. I painted in the stems as I worked, standing back very often to ensure I did not overdo the colours and ultimately wanted to avoid obliterating the small areas of white paper I retained.

I then painted in the water feature using my flesh tint and indigo blue base mix. I mixed a turquoise for the water using cerulean blue and viridian green. I painted in the stalks of the plants on the right hand side using a fan brush. When 100% dry I added small brush strokes to those stalks for the violet flowers that adorn them.