I used Sennelier card and Sennelier pastels and two different types of watercolour pencils to complete this painting. I use the card as I have a heavy touch when applying pastels, the pastel papers just do not work for me, the card works very well and I always find the pastel sticks to it far more firmly than on the papers.

I drew in the shapes of the church with a watercolour pencil.

The pathway was the key to achieving the correct perspective, I used two different pastels, a white and a brown to make the colour of the pathway.

I think I used every colour in my pastel box to create the colours of the flowers and also all the greens in the composition. Mixing greens is always great fun, it is so easy to create a new green just by adjusting proportions of two or three colours. I mix my colours on the card, using my fingers, by applying two or three layers of different colours.

When painting a subject of this nature always be bold with your colours, whatever medium you are using.