This is one of those paintings where you do not need to complete a detailed drawing. I drew in the horizon line and the shapes of the tree trunks and that was it. Let your brushstrokes do the talking for you in this creation.

Mixing my palette took a long time. The dark colours for the trees, the yellows for underpainting and everything else, the range of greens from a yellow green to an almost black green, and the purples and blues for the bells.

I started by completing all my yellow underpainting of the tree trunks, the foreground, using a lemon green for the dark green areas and a bright medium yellow for the areas of sunlight. I then painted the tree trunks using the range of chromatic colours I had mixed, bearing in mind the light source so I did let some of the yellow show through. I then painted in the background behind the tree trunks. Lots of pointillist brushstrokes, using my range of green colours and light washes of my chormatics for the distant tree branches and trunks.

I then painted in the grass immediately in front of the trees, using the side of my brush not the point to create upright short brushstrokes.

I then painted in the distant flowers bathed in sunlight, using my purple and blue mixes.

I painted the foreground using my range of dark greens, but before I did that I painted in all the large flower shapes in the foreground and worked the green colours around the shapes. This takes a while but it is great fun.

Lastly, armed with two pots of clean water, I lifted out the spikes of sunlight with a chisel brush.