Here is an exercise you are going to enjoy … take your pencil, paints, a board, your brushes and water. Do not take an eraser. Go out into any open space you are familiar with. Divide your paper into four equal sections, do not use a ruler. This is freedom! Now draw four different scenes on your paper from your viewpoint, either standing, sitting on a chair or on ground level. Do not erase or attempt to disguise any of your pencil marks.

Now paint your first scene. This will not take you long and is a superb way to make you loosen up a bit and relax whilst you paint and enjoy the whole experience without thinking “is that line straight?” “have I got that angle correct?” “should I change that line?” “is the perspective right?” Forget all those negative thoughts that can sometimes detract from a very original piece of work. If you ever lack confidence in your skills at any stage of your painting career, complete this exercise.

A couple of days after you have finished these paintings, evaluate them. They may be completed pieces of work or they may be a precursor to something of greater depth, size, and power.