When painting a triangle shape in profile a watercolour artist has to use their tonal skills. With the pyramids we were spoiled, we were given the whole caboodle on a plate: the photograph was already giving 3D quality with the light and dark on the facets of the pyramids. This made that triangle task a breeze.

Any shape in profile is a challenge and here the key is to Work from Light to Dark, often a painful process for me as I like to work to very dark tones, so if you do as well, slow down and use more water with your washes: also Take Your Time. If you work too quickly from one tone to a higher one you will get an “Oops!” moment and there is really no turning back with watercolours if you do that. Lifting colour off will interfere with the wonderful translucent quality of watercolour paint.

However, I found the biggest challenge here was the mid ground and achieving 3D effect which you will do by using a variety of shades of greens, yellows and purples.

The Do Nots … Do not try and paint the mountain and the reflection at the same time. Do not turn your paper upside down to paint in the reflection. Do not use opaque colours for water.

The Dos … Do make your mountain shape more angular than rounded. Do use a varied palette. Do mix your own colours. And most importantly … . Do enjoy painting this!