This was my Christmas card for this year.

I drew the lampposts and the railing, I used a ruler for this. I drew in the trees and the shapes of the boats on the water.

I painted in the sky using a mix of ultramarine blue and indigo, to create that dark sky you often see when it is snowing and it makes the snow appear very bright.

I used chromatic blacks (more than one mix) to paint in the tree trunks and the lampposts.

I then painted in the distant London Eye using some of my darkest chromatic colour. I painted the distant buildings using yellow ochre. I added brushstrokes of red, orange and white to suggest distant electric lights.

I painted in the body of water using a horizontal brushstroke with the same mix I used for the sky. I used pointillist brushstrokes for the lights in the midground.

When it was 100% dry and started painting in the snow. I used a mix of titanium white and blue. I used stipple brushstroke for the snow on the trees, a more definite brushstroke for the snow on the lampposts, railing and pathway. I used a pointillist brushstroke for the falling snow.