A rainy scene through a café window. What a great challenge for my watercolour learners. Although the scene is distorted, it is still clear what is happening, people hurrying in the rain,trees, tall buildings, electric light, a bicycle stand, a telephone box, umbrellas and a very wet pavement and roadway.

There was no drawing involved in this painting. The only line I drew was the horizon line.

There is a vast amount of colour in this scene, all the colours in the spectrum. I painted in the trees first, as these are good markers for the size and positioning of the other shapes. I used a rigger brush for the branches, and chromatic blacks for the trunks.

I then painted in the background: turquoise, brown, red, lots of yellow, greens, and a little bit of blue.

Next, I painted in the figures. It is very handy that the figure in the foreground has a red backpack on. I then painted in what I could make out of the bicycle. I painted in the telephone box and various shapes in the background using single brushstrokes.

I let that dry. I then worked in a more random nature. I painted over some areas with titanium white, I then wet parts of the painting so some of the colours merged, I held up the paper on my board so the painted dripped somewhat. The last task was to add some yellow for more colour contrast and to suggest even more electric light reflections.