19th May - Using Graphite and Watercolour Pencils to complete a portrait


14th May 2015 - Using Watercolour Pencils to complete a portrait

14th May 2015 - Using Watercolour Pencils to Paint a Portrait

13th May 2015 Tiger Read my blog on lessons where erasing is not allowed


6th May 2015

Painting a Local Building using Watercolours and Soluble Pens


1st May 2015 - Biro Art


29th April 2015 - Painting Boats, Woodbridge Suffolk


22nd April 2015 - Arabian Horse - read my blog for information on how to paint this horse.

15th April 2015

18th Century Fashion - I have completed a painting of this also on an Artists Trading Card, the regular size is two and a half by three and a half inches. 



Penguins - Painting using watercolour pencils - read my blog on How To





7th April 2015

Art House Exhibition of Paintings 8th April - 25th April at the Queen's Theatre in Hornchurch.

Photos of the exhibition below.



Art Deco Dress Panel


30th March 2015

Film Star Triptych



Marilyn Monroe


29th March 2015

Blackfriars Pub London - please read my blog for drawing techniques 


25th March 2015



18th March 2015

Some new paintings completed this month ... Read my blog for information on how to paint these projects.



London Night Scene


Jubilee Church Rome



12th March 2015

Colour Mixing - The two paintings below are demos that I completed in class to develop students colour mixing skills. Please read my blog for more detailed information.


1st March 2015 - Cabbage and Pear in Still Life



25th February 2015 Misty Forest Scene, Please read my blog if you would like to paint a similar scene.



24th February 2015 - Fashion Art, Tartan



16th February 2015 - Icon Art - Audrey Hepburn - Read my blog for information on this painting project. 


11th February 2015 Mountnessing Windmill


9th February 2015 Fashion Art Through the Ages - Van Raalte Glove Advert exercise



5th February 2015

Chinese Fisherman and Bamboo Boat


4th February 2015

Regency Fashion Art 2nd February 2015



31st January 2015

We have had a busy week in the classroom. somem of the exercises completed this week are below. Read my blog of more information.

English Garden 29th-31st January 2015


Norwegian Church Cardiff 30th January 2015

Poppy 30th January 2015


21st January 2015

Fashion Art and History Around the World

We have been looking at various cultures and traditions in the Fashion Art class and this week we were drawing and learning the history of the Gele - African Head wraps. There are some informative demos on line as to how these are wrapped around the head, quite fascinating how a length of material or paper can be wrapped and shaped around the head into such elaborate shapes.





7th January 2015

Classes resumed this Monday and we have already completed some engaging projects. Please read my blog for more informaton.


16th December 2014 - Icon Art, Marilyn Monroe

14th December 2014

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers ... and so concludes our series of famous dancers



24th November 2014 - Work in Progress, Ballet Dancers, please read my blog for information on how to complete this drawing.


12th November 2014

Using a Fan Brush to Complete a Painting - Read my blog on How To!


2nd November 2014

Corsets - Fashion Illustration  In the Fashion Art course we are going to be drawing a series of corsets. Read my blog on Corset Art.



2nd November 2014 - Rainy London Street with Ranbow

Read my blog for further information on approach and techniques for this particular painting.



22nd October 2014  Faashion Art and Illustration Through the Ages

I have been asked will I be organising more of the above courses. My intention is to run the courses over three terms throughout the year. The first six week course taking place at the moment is an introduction to this fascinating subject and is proving invaluable to me as I learn all my students know themselves about this subject. We all have a pool of knowledge that makes for a very interesting and lively discussion during the lessons which all centre around the subject in hand. Start date of next course to be arranged soon.


Watercolour Courses - Subjects for Remaining Six Weeks of Term after half term break - Read my blog for update on lessons.


11th October - Fashion Art and Illustration Through the Ages - 1900s Style


11th October 2014 - Drawing Musicians

Read my blog for update on drawing lessons!


7th October 2014

1880's Fashion Illustration

The Fashion Art and Fashion Illustration Through the Ages course is now well under way. Below is our first drawing, fantastic to draw and paint lace and fabrics, the fabrics need supporting by the bustle.


21st September 2014



Fashion Art and Fashion Illustration Through the Ages commencing Monday 29th September 2014

This is a six week introductory course to this fascinating subject. Lessons are two hours in duration, 1.30 - 3.30 pm and the course takes place in The Pottery Room at Ardleigh House in Ardleigh Green Road, Hornchurch, Essex. Ardleigh House is a very nice location and the cafe is adjacent to the Pottery Room, where most of my learners congregate for a coffee and a chat either before or after a lesson or both! This makes for not only an informative lesson but also for a social occasion where you can mingle with like minded people who enjoy art and drawing. Please email me if you would like to enrol. The cost for the course is £60. 


17th September 2014

Could not resist making this into a triptych.

15th September 2014

Back in the classroom today. We are painting a set of sunsets for the first four lessons of term, first one below.

8th September 2014

Most classes I tutor recommence next week. I am starting two more courses week beginning 29th September, Fashion Through the Ages, Monday afternoons at 1.30 pm and Pen Drawing and Watercolours on Monday evenings 7.00 - 9.30 pm.  I have added some instruction on my blog page following Saturday's Flower and Landscape lesson, it was a great day!



19th August 2014

Saturday 6th September 2014 - A One Day Painting Course with me at Ardleigh House. £30 for the day, includes refreshments and lunch. Always a very enjoyable day, the time goes too quickly! There are four places remaining. 


New Course - Fashion Illustration Through the Ages, Monday afternoons at Ardleigh House, commence date 29th September 2014.


Read my blog page for further instruction following last Friday's morning summer course on architecture. 



12th August 2014 - Read my blog page regarding further mediums to consider when drawing roses.


10th August 2014

Friday Morning Summer Course

I am intending to run two further Friday Morning classes after this week as I have had a few requests on any other lessons during the summer. If you would like to take part in those lessons, please let me know. We start at 10.00 and finish at 1.00 pm, 11.15 tea and coffee break.

Read my blog for further instruction following Friday's Lesson on Drawing and Painting a Red Rose.



31st July 2014

Summer Courses are now underway with emphasis last week on landscapes. We have spent some time outdoors sketching. Read my blog for more information.


18th July 2014

Friday Morning Summer Course

I have three places available for the above course, please let me know if you would like further details.


11th July 2014

Noctilucent Sky Pastel Classroom Exercise today - I will put an explaination of the techniques to use in my blog tomorrow, this type of of seascape and night shining cloud was created just for pastel artists!

Fashion Through the Ages - Edwardian Fashion - A preliminary to the Fashion Through the Ages Course I will be tutoring in September. Mediums: soluble pen and watercolour pencils.

10th July 2014

Read my blog for update following today's lesson on Watercolour Sky Painting.


3rd July 2014

I have updated my blog following today's lesson on Glazing.


26th June 2014

New Courses!

I am tutoring some new courses from September time, details below.

Fashion Art Through the Ages, 1.30 Monday afternoons Ardleigh House 

Pen Drawing 7.30 Monday evening Ardleigh House 

Beginners Watercolours, 12.00 am Thursday Ardleigh House


22nd June 2014

Using Soluble Pens - read my blog for more information on using this versatile medium.


12th June 2014

Taj Pastel now complete!



12th June 2014

Poppies - Please see me blog for further instruction on painting these flowers.

31st May 2014

Analogous Colours

I am tutoring an Adult Education Pastel Painting course. We have been examining the use of analogous colours. For more information read my blog.


27th May 2014

Read my blog on the latest news, which regards pastel surfaces.

Taj - work in progress, Pastel soft chalks and pastel pencils on Sennelier card


25th May 2014


Saturday Sketching Course and Weekday Sketching Course.

I will be organising some sketching courses throughout August. These will all be held at local easily accessible places of interest in and around the Hornchurch area. Last year we visited Thames Chase Upminster and Langtons Gardens. We have also visited Upminster Windmill and also sketched scenes in the grounds of Ardleigh House. I will put a timetable together this week and add the dates and locations then. These are very enjoyable sociable events and anybody who enjoys sketching, drawing and painting is welcome to join us. 

Last year we also had a trip to Alfred Munning's Museum, a fascinating place to visit and admire work by an Essex artist of great interest.

Summer Courses at Ardleigh House

Dates: Saturdays: 26th July, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm, 2nd August, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm, 6th September 10.00 am - 4.00 pm, 13th September 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Friday Course: 25th July, 1st August, 8th August, 15th August, 10.00 am - 1.00 pm This is a drawing and painting course 

25th May 2014

Art Nouveau and Art Deco, read my blog for an update on classroom work.


8th May 2014

Read my blog to see what we have been doing in class. 

Art Nouveau, a study in graded washes and fine line painting. 



12th April 2014

Self Portrait Pop Art Style


6th April 2014

The exhibition of The Art House Group will be hung tomorrow morning at The Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, Essex. All paintings that are for sale are very reasonably priced. Lots of different subjects including landscapes, animals and portraits. We are having a Viewing Hour tomorrow evening, 7.00pm-8.00pm.


27th March 2014

Painting Camellias

Read my blog for information on painting camellias



20th March 2014


The portrait section of the courses continues with Pet Portraiture. This is a portrait of my pet cat Sir Tom.


Art House Group Exhibition April 2014

We are holding our annual exhibition at the Queen's Theatre in Hornchurch from 7th April 2014 for three weeks. 


15th March 2014

Read my blog for update on what is happening in classes and outside classes!

5th March 2014

Read my blog for Self Portrait update.

Courses Summer and Beyond

I have had quite a few enquiries about any new courses I am intending to tutor.  I am in the process of putting a brochure together and when that is complete I will upload to the Catalogues page.


22nd February 2014

Artwork of the Month. Monet's Garden. I have made a PowerPoint presentation of the stages of this painting so all classes can see how to paint this, from the background to the foreground.

17th February 2014

Catching up on some unfinished drawings, one below was from the Pen Drawing Course I am tutoring on a Monday evening at Ardleigh House. 


16th February 2014

Half Term next week, time to catch up on any unfinished paintings or drawings. Read my blog for instruction and more detailed information.

Pen and Wash Drawing, Bridge 209 Oxford Canal. Compare to drawing below without any washes added.


6th February 2014

Misty Morning February 2014

London Nightscene. Slightly unfinished painting, read my blog for more informaton on how to paint a nightscene.

6th February 2014

Pen and Ink Course at Ardleigh House Monday Evenings 7.30-9.30 pm

The course is progressing well. This is the exercise we completed last week using a variety of pen strokes.

24th December 2013

My daughter got married last week, a wonderful occasion and a wedding is a perfect opportunity for any artist to draw and paint some beautiful and romantic drawings. Below is my first Wedding Drawing. Read more about the techniques used on my blog page.

Kathleen on her Wedding Day 19th December 2013

Using a Hake Brush

We have completed a further exercise in the class to practice using these brushes. Read my Blog to see what we have been painting.

Read my blog to see what classes have learned about using these brushes. I completed the painting below of Eastbrook End Country Park Trees Under Snow only using a large hake brush.


Classes Pages - Tutorials for Watercolours and Drawing

Just a reminder that I have added a lot of content to the above pages!

The Flamenco Dancer

We have just completed this exercise in the classroom. 

Artwork of the Month Page

I am adding more images to this page so it does not just display one piece of work I have completed this month. I usually complete about twelve paintings and drawings each month. I will be selecting the best ones and adding to the page as and when. I will also add some text to give you some insight into how to tackle these subjects yourself.


Koalas, Watercolour on cold press paper

Back to Class on Monday! 

Classes Pages, Updated

I have added lots of content to the classes pages. There is over 30 pages of tips and instruction in Watercolour and Drawing Tutorials. If you go to Watercolour Tutorials all the other pages for watercolours are within that section. Just click on the subject you want. You will find instruction on painting the above koalas and Gary Grant below as well as lots of other subjects. Do the same for Drawing Tutorials. It will take you some time to read through them all.

RAH! Just completed the painting below, a slightly different subject to our cute little koalas!



I have written new versions of the printed guides, with a lot more content in Dynamic Drawing, including instruction and exercises to follow on how to use watercolour pencils for portraits, people, fruit, leaves and flowers. The guides are now priced at £10.00 each plus postage and package. If you would like to purchase a set or one of the guides please email me.


Read my Blog Page for the news on all classes.

Artwork of the Month - Koala Bears