12th April 2014

Self Portrait Pop Art Style


6th April 2014

The exhibition of The Art House Group will be hung tomorrow morning at The Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, Essex. All paintings that are for sale are very reasonably priced. Lots of different subjects including landscapes, animals and portraits. We are having a Viewing Hour tomorrow evening, 7.00pm-8.00pm.


27th March 2014

Painting Camellias

Read my blog for information on painting camellias



20th March 2014


The portrait section of the courses continues with Pet Portraiture. This is a portrait of my pet cat Sir Tom.


Art House Group Exhibition April 2014

We are holding our annual exhibition at the Queen's Theatre in Hornchurch from 7th April 2014 for three weeks. 


15th March 2014

Read my blog for update on what is happening in classes and outside classes!

5th March 2014

Read my blog for Self Portrait update.

Courses Summer and Beyond

I have had quite a few enquiries about any new courses I am intending to tutor.  I am in the process of putting a brochure together and when that is complete I will upload to the Catalogues page.


22nd February 2014

Artwork of the Month. Monet's Garden. I have made a PowerPoint presentation of the stages of this painting so all classes can see how to paint this, from the background to the foreground.

17th February 2014

Catching up on some unfinished drawings, one below was from the Pen Drawing Course I am tutoring on a Monday evening at Ardleigh House. 


16th February 2014

Half Term next week, time to catch up on any unfinished paintings or drawings. Read my blog for instruction and more detailed information.

Pen and Wash Drawing, Bridge 209 Oxford Canal. Compare to drawing below without any washes added.


6th February 2014

Misty Morning February 2014

London Nightscene. Slightly unfinished painting, read my blog for more informaton on how to paint a nightscene.

6th February 2014

Pen and Ink Course at Ardleigh House Monday Evenings 7.30-9.30 pm

The course is progressing well. This is the exercise we completed last week using a variety of pen strokes.

24th December 2013

My daughter got married last week, a wonderful occasion and a wedding is a perfect opportunity for any artist to draw and paint some beautiful and romantic drawings. Below is my first Wedding Drawing. Read more about the techniques used on my blog page.

Kathleen on her Wedding Day 19th December 2013

Using a Hake Brush

We have completed a further exercise in the class to practice using these brushes. Read my Blog to see what we have been painting.

Read my blog to see what classes have learned about using these brushes. I completed the painting below of Eastbrook End Country Park Trees Under Snow only using a large hake brush.


Classes Pages - Tutorials for Watercolours and Drawing

Just a reminder that I have added a lot of content to the above pages!

The Flamenco Dancer

We have just completed this exercise in the classroom. 

Artwork of the Month Page

I am adding more images to this page so it does not just display one piece of work I have completed this month. I usually complete about twelve paintings and drawings each month. I will be selecting the best ones and adding to the page as and when. I will also add some text to give you some insight into how to tackle these subjects yourself.


Koalas, Watercolour on cold press paper

Back to Class on Monday! 

Classes Pages, Updated

I have added lots of content to the classes pages. There is over 30 pages of tips and instruction in Watercolour and Drawing Tutorials. If you go to Watercolour Tutorials all the other pages for watercolours are within that section. Just click on the subject you want. You will find instruction on painting the above koalas and Gary Grant below as well as lots of other subjects. Do the same for Drawing Tutorials. It will take you some time to read through them all.

RAH! Just completed the painting below, a slightly different subject to our cute little koalas!



I have written new versions of the printed guides, with a lot more content in Dynamic Drawing, including instruction and exercises to follow on how to use watercolour pencils for portraits, people, fruit, leaves and flowers. The guides are now priced at £10.00 each plus postage and package. If you would like to purchase a set or one of the guides please email me.


Read my Blog Page for the news on all classes.

Artwork of the Month - Koala Bears